a million sacred spaces for every 100 feet

there are a million sacred spaces 

in the span of 100 feet

and each step you take is setting a foot 

on one 

they are invisible

and each is very precise

because there are many different kinds of ways

the world in which we live can be sacred

some are very small

so small that if you could see them 

you would have to get really close 

to the ground

in order to hear the prayers 

that the invisible beings 

say outloud 

and to themselves 

it’s like picking up a seashell from the beach

and listening gently to its wisdom

the world is full of sacred spaces

and we pass by them

over them

every day

when the world is silent 

they sing

but mainly they radiate

they are very powerful 

though unseen

though unknown

they are very happy when we care for them

and when this happens 

watch as they sparkle 

watch as they shine

Your thoughts?

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