thank you

my little leaf

friend who chose

me as your messenger

of the beauty and

hope and



my adventure

begins with a long road

i picture myself lifted up floating

i know i can do this now!

and my vision pierces through light and dark

like an arrow that doesn’t land

there is no end

listening when the world says go

during the moments where there seems to be no answer 

where doubt can give into fear

when the anger seems so deeply rooted that aggression may take over

the world responds

the world responds in a way that can give hope

it’s a read between the lines kind of response

it’s the kind that gives renewed strength

that asks you to dig down into vision and inspiration 


it’s the kind that reminds you of the beauty of focus

of walking forward with intention

with alacrity


the images, the moments

the world gives sometimes

even amidst darkness 

can be radiant

can encourage you to take yet another step beyond fear

into the light

and fly freely

soaring high


millions of small moments strung together 

radical discoveries in a heartbeat 

in an instant


the feeling of lightness

the feeling of wonder

the feeling of swiftness

like something that twinkles

who knows why it does that?

it just does

the moving through discomfort

the journey beyond the parts you don’t like

the staying with the feeling of fear

of incapacity 

the renunciation of violent thoughts

for a better way

for a better purpose



hopeful and bright

stepping forward and nothing holds you back

transcending power and control 


moving into


moving into compassion

moving into the feeling that 


can get you 

like this gets you


and tears of joy release

from the spot

memory forged anew

a new vision


new ground to stand on

new possibility

as i breathe

as you breathe

as we breathe

and the world sounds so still

still here

it gets to the point where you think 

i really don’t have any other option

that it’s the same old story 

same old annoyances

day by day

and you’re job is to just

take it

and take it

and take it

that’s your main job

is to just take it as it comes

to be “patient”

to be “accepting”

to never say anything

like it’s probably your problem

it’s probably you that can’t handle 

what life is giving you

so you need to step it up

doesn’t matter how frustrated or tired you get

and i’m tired…

lately, i’m tired

but i’m still listening

and i’m still trying to find a way in deeper

and i’m still willing to work

i’m still here

one request

when the moon comes out tonight 

i ask for stories

for songs

for the kind that heals

and because they are needed

i ask for moments of recognition 

of hope

and inspiration 

where we remember our power

to change

to transform 

to grow

to shift

to nurture

and we remember that deep underneath everything 

there are millions of ways

like the millions of stars that sit with you

the moon

of how we can lead with love and trust

and for this thought i am truly thankful


in the morning, i light a candle

and today i asked for guidance

i asked for help because of anger i felt underneath it all

anger over injustice

anger for the lie that we are hopeless

that we are few

that “this is just the way the world is”


when you look at me you may hear no words

but it’s not because i have none

it’s not because i’m giving up or giving in

it’s not because i believe that the future is hopeless

i turn to guidance

and what comes out is patience

is love

is deep listening

is holding of space with the anger and hurt that i and my loved ones feel


but don’t take that as complacency

and don’t take that as the end of the conversation

this and everything before is remembered

but i choose to work towards balance with an open heart

with love

because what the lies are scared of is the solid ground we stand on

the lies and fear have power, sure

but there is something else

something greater

and it will never die

it will never die

it will never die