millions of small moments strung together 

radical discoveries in a heartbeat 

in an instant


the feeling of lightness

the feeling of wonder

the feeling of swiftness

like something that twinkles

who knows why it does that?

it just does

the moving through discomfort

the journey beyond the parts you don’t like

the staying with the feeling of fear

of incapacity 

the renunciation of violent thoughts

for a better way

for a better purpose



hopeful and bright

stepping forward and nothing holds you back

transcending power and control 


moving into


moving into compassion

moving into the feeling that 


can get you 

like this gets you


and tears of joy release

from the spot

memory forged anew

a new vision


new ground to stand on

new possibility

as i breathe

as you breathe

as we breathe

and the world sounds so still

Your thoughts?

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