distraction from it all

it comes in a package

it comes dresses up

it comes out of nowhere 

it comes when you don’t want it to

it interrupts you

it takes you somewhere else

it embarresses you

it makes you feel like nothing

it makes you see things that aren’t real

it makes you angry

it covers

it slips through

it says it protects you from pain

it sells a story that it wants you to believe 

with this distraction 

you forget

you misremember

you become short-fused

you buy in

you give up

and you were so close

then you believe the lie

just because distraction is strong

if you get better

it comes back stronger

comes back and pierces through

comes back and laughs in your face

comes back and waits for you to crack

but i got a secret, distraction

it’s called 

substraction of distraction 

and when i get it

i get it

until then i’ll just sit back and smile

because i only get stronger

and i have no limits

Your thoughts?

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