all i see is endless endless

all i see is horizon now

all i feel is clear air

all i see is 

endless endless 

stretching into forever 
all i see 

all i know

line blurred in the distance

can’t tell beginnings from endings

can’t tell sunlight from moonlight

radiating sunbeams 

stars twinkle into forever 

stars spin circuitous paths

and it goes on

air is so clear up here

can you feel it?

can you feel cold wind

on a warm summer’s day?

palms wave at you back and forth they sway

endless endless

the horizon

waves that stretch into beyond

become a flat glassy surface

roundness to the edges 

of everything i see

nothing is flat anymore


and it goes and goes



and in my head there is nothing


but whispers and softness

filling the void to the brim

with warm

i nod my head 

my silent song isn’t so silent anymore

all i see

all i see

is endless endless

stretched out before me

like a horizon


in the distance

we never know where land touches sky

we never know

as we stare off to the drift

Your thoughts?

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