in between evening

i’m going to tell you about the evening sky

orange turned to dusty blue

and last lights of the day 

glow on the green 

stretching into forever

where commuting traffic twinkles creating a river

cuts through low hills of grasses 

turned golden from the summer heat

i’m going to tell you about how the last steps up to the sidewalk

where passengers walk quickly to the next thing

to cars that speed away into the distance

to the windowed doors with fingerprint smudges

to the dimly lit empty elevators

empty halls that stretch endlessly

days pass as you walk and walk

each step takes you closer but so far to go

until finally the door opens

and there is instant relief

there is serenity 

half moon in the sky 


so bright i can see the edges 

like i’m looking into a telescope 

oh, thank you, moon, there you are!

night keeps gently covering the land

but for now there is still the hint of an orange in the sky

and i can see the horizon

where the last light meets the hills

the moment where the day is done

Your thoughts?

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