my adventure

begins with a long road

i picture myself lifted up floating

i know i can do this now!

and my vision pierces through light and dark

like an arrow that doesn’t land

there is no end

morning air

when the sky looks like a thin mist

bright blue mixed with clouds from another world

when music seems to hang on the air

and everything is vibrant, as if truly deeply more real than what reality is

when the chill of the air brings excitement 

dancing to become warm

hands in pockets

running in place

bringing arms in to hug the sides of bodies

hot air coming from mouths and noses

turning to the curling mist visible at the horizon 

chill that touches the back of eyelids eyelashes

when the crispness of morning awakens 

the eyes that look up to see the newness the oldness the solidness the opacity 

and trailing melody drifting into distant mountains 

look to the sky 

when you come to the first part of the day where you are under sky

after a long while 

confined and neatly organized 

suddenly released into the the wild 

vibrant rainbow sky 

where you don’t know the outcome but feel that it will be good

stand under it 

looking up and as you close your eyes to breathe 

finally breathe in this air

this movement of wisps of clouds

across the evening

into forever 

into the dream land

into the space where art is created 

and true appreciate can resonate

i bow down in gratitude to this time and don’t know why

i am here another day

but i am

and somehow i am shining 

how could i not honor that gift?

watercolor sky

watercolor sky

the kind that delicately covers the earth with soft light

buildings weighed down by tired practices 

they gleam 

they shine to a different tone

and the way the cloud blanket looks today

we don’t know if it’s mountain or air

marveling at nature’s impromptu artistic impulse

as if it said 

i think i will make the city a little more beautiful this evening 

maybe for a moment we will look to the sky

and relish in the delight of being in awe

and graciously move toward one another instead of away

and wonder for a moment about the complexity this world offers 


light always changing

the painting becoming more and more


it moves

and sometimes we notice that

blanket of clouds

sky is a sea of opaque clouds stretching out into infinity 

sunlight illuminates the pearly mist

it moves slowly observing the land below

at the horizon clouds morph into shapes

these are the clouds from distant places

traveling through mountains and over oceans

beautiful sculptures which let the dreamer contemplate infatuated 

half moon bay

the ground almost ate my shoes today

i thought i would slip off into the dark viscous goo that threatened to mutilate my new shoes

it was a poor choice in hindsight 

but shoes will collect dust

and become worn at some point

i saw the most amazing sunset

with clouds long and thin

purple lavender pink edges

a density that seemed so thick

and yet closer to us 

just the whispers of mist drifting across beach grasses

fluttering in the wind

at one point i looked into a car and saw a face who wasn’t there when i looked more closely 

it’s quieter here

i’ve always liked that

i’ve always liked how the main attraction is the sky

starlight not hidden by the glow of convenience stores and traffic

and i can hear the sound of waves

of wind

i can hear words

and the glow of lamps within windows against the night sky

more beautiful than any kind of orchestrated artistry i could imagine

it’s very soft here

raindrop home

i am inside a raindrop

i live in it

it is exhilarating to fall from the sky

people don’t know this but as you’re falling

the world comes into view

yet backwards — isn’t that interesting?

before i lived in the raindrop i never would have expected this

yet here we are

people don’t realize–

they make it seem like the length of time it takes for a raindrop to fall

is very quick

like the second hand of a clock

ticking away

but those of us who live in raindrops

we know that the fall from the sky

it’s the whole point

how else are you going to make the ground wet?

the fall takes longer than any of us can count

it’s infinite

we wait for the impact

but it doesn’t happen like that

and it feels very nice to be surrounded by water

my armor

shining in the sun

you can breathe so much better

you can think

it’s very clear

i don’t worry about the fall or the impact

because that’s not the end

sometimes i dream of what it must be like

to stand on wet earth

earth must be a very different feeling

one i feel alien to

yes, earth is very different than water

i wonder what it feels like

to stand

on earth

i wonder if i will like it

but i think i will

i think i do

maybe the water surrounding me has been whispering to me in my dreams

pointing out beauty

maybe the water surrounding me remembers what it was like to touch earth

when it lived on the surface

before it evaporated up to the sky

and decided to surround me

here i am

with water as the one who’s seen it all before

but i love to learn

i drink it in

and see and wonder as i fall

from the sky

to the ground

view from the ocean floor looking up to sunlight

i am lying on the bottom of the ocean

looking up 

seeing through light and shadows

looking through

different planes of glass layered over one another

it is peaceful on the bottom of the ocean

peaceful and quiet

yet very cold

and sometimes the pressure

the weight 

hurts my chest

i look up and see the underbellies of the fish that swim by

it looks like they are flying

like i am watching great creatures move across the sky

they can’t see me 

they don’t look down

i look up

like clouds moving

sometimes i can feel the sunlight 

rays of sunlight 

even from down here

water makes it move like a flower

this is the most interesting part of my days on the ocean floor

that’s when i forget that it hurts to breathe

in between evening

i’m going to tell you about the evening sky

orange turned to dusty blue

and last lights of the day 

glow on the green 

stretching into forever

where commuting traffic twinkles creating a river

cuts through low hills of grasses 

turned golden from the summer heat

i’m going to tell you about how the last steps up to the sidewalk

where passengers walk quickly to the next thing

to cars that speed away into the distance

to the windowed doors with fingerprint smudges

to the dimly lit empty elevators

empty halls that stretch endlessly

days pass as you walk and walk

each step takes you closer but so far to go

until finally the door opens

and there is instant relief

there is serenity 

half moon in the sky 


so bright i can see the edges 

like i’m looking into a telescope 

oh, thank you, moon, there you are!

night keeps gently covering the land

but for now there is still the hint of an orange in the sky

and i can see the horizon

where the last light meets the hills

the moment where the day is done

a poem for the sky

between the light of evening 

and the darkness of night

blue sky whispers pink clouds that can barely be seen

and the gulls flap their wings

keep moving

against the cold breeze

and the wind picks up and swirls around you

i see golden edged grass bending low

i smell wet earth that sinks as you step into it

i move my mouth to speak

and find i have no words

because in the distance 

backdrops of hills and distant mountains 


in the distance

as the moon peeks up bright in the sky 

to welcome 

a velvet blanket of stars

rising and falling 

but for now the sky is deep indigo 

and leaves only shake to say hello

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