a fox

in a moment of magic

little beams of light

to deeply connect to the world in a way others can’t

asks the question

which way to go


asks itself

there is no fear of choosing the wrong way

the world is an opportunity

yes it walks

stepping into the uncomfortable space

to be resourceful

to figure out a way

all that abounds

is playful laughter



of aloha

how love

and spirit

how magic feels


like a mountain

like time

meeting love

and that feeling of freeness


full of spirit

rising like mountain peaks

slowing time’s pace

to the expansiveness of dreams


of vision

vast like the ocean

and how nature soothes

with a familiar call

my adventure

begins with a long road

i picture myself lifted up floating

i know i can do this now!

and my vision pierces through light and dark

like an arrow that doesn’t land

there is no end

play this song for strength of vision


this song will hypnotize

this is the song you tell your problems to

it is a patient listener

but don’t surprised if it moves around while you talk

it has things to do

as you are in the same room as this song

you notice your heartbeat begins to slow

until the guitar enters

and it is unexpected and your eyes will dilate

you hadn’t noticed before the temperature of the room

but suddenly you do

the song looks at you

the song doesn’t blink

the song gets closer to you

the song makes you uncomfortable 

the song makes you question how you are in life and how you show up

as the beat quickens

you hear its message

you are engrossed

you listen intently to every sound

every tone

every note

every beat

and the temperature of the room it creates

a piece of the world becomes unveiled 

the unnoticed becomes noticeable 

and you realize you are in the song

you are no longer afraid of the song

you breathe calmly with the song

you see with clarity through the song

you know what to do because of the song

you know your purpose for today and all the days that are next because of the song

you repeat the song

you repeat the song

you repeat the song

you repeat the song

until it fades to quiet


millions of small moments strung together 

radical discoveries in a heartbeat 

in an instant


the feeling of lightness

the feeling of wonder

the feeling of swiftness

like something that twinkles

who knows why it does that?

it just does

the moving through discomfort

the journey beyond the parts you don’t like

the staying with the feeling of fear

of incapacity 

the renunciation of violent thoughts

for a better way

for a better purpose



hopeful and bright

stepping forward and nothing holds you back

transcending power and control 


moving into


moving into compassion

moving into the feeling that 


can get you 

like this gets you


and tears of joy release

from the spot

memory forged anew

a new vision


new ground to stand on

new possibility

as i breathe

as you breathe

as we breathe

and the world sounds so still

the twelve paintings

The day after the rain stopped, the girl came upon a kind of cave. It was a makeshift shelter built from the natural deepening of the rock. There were twelve paintings or groupings of markings inside. 

It was evening and the light from the moon was the only way she could see inside. Tracing her finger over each symbol and picture, she wondered…

who made these?

She had never seen anyone in the forest, but here were all these paintings and so far away from any of the towns she knew around. How did it get out here and why put it so far away from everywhere else people would see it? 

Some had very intricate designs and details. It must have taken a long time to do this. She walked from one to the next staring at faces. Birds and plants. An animal she had never seen before – one she didn’t know the name of, but looked very intimidating. She watched the animal for a while and it reminded her of something she could quite figure out.

As she stared at the paiyings she followed the lines from one to the next. Her eyes felt heavy. She heard a low hum a high-pitched buzz and then suddenly, silence and a flash. 
an old woman tending to a fire
part of her face hidden in shadow

outstretched wings of a bird

looking up to touch a feather

then night

the deepness of the air

a drop of water plunks into a pool

and the circles

the ripples form

drop of water, as if suspended in time


lying in a bed waking from fevered dreams

looking to the arms 

seeing they are drenched in sweat

a yellow flower

old woman laughing

and the animal lunges


clutching arm

red spots on green grass 

rustling brown crumpled leaves

a lantern

a trail of incense 

and tall trees


light in back of clouds rolls across the sky

And she blinked. She looked around. The paintings were still there.


dark room with bright pink lights

and little blue ones from the bits of mirror spins out

like your floating

red glow dots drift around the room 

fade into ovals stretched along the wall

and we all know that the synth bass is so rich

sometimes hard to take

bright light in the corner 

is for looking up the next track

shiny black vinyl 

needle cued up

new beat ready to go

fancy one strutting through

all the sidelines focused on the flash

but when you glitter and shine

all you need is space

like back in the old days

they used to get these girls to dance

yes, even the ancient ones

because that’s the way the future’s told 

when you enter another consciousness

if you’re the girl you already know that sometimes when you dance

you are transported

so when you’re on another planet 

in a different realm 

different club

different time

different room

it’s all the same 

seen through rainbow vision

all the colors and times blend together

it’s a conversation with the music

is what she’d say

all the girls 

if you asked them


what is there left but all there is


and continuous sound

and the shapes that decorate the wall 

until we’re all decorating the wall

and it’s another night

and another song

and another transport

goodbye, see you later

only to realize the two seconds you were gone

was a lifetime

was a minute

was an hour and a half

sound becomes destorted the more you turn

but you know where you need to look

and the bead of sweat on your forehead rolls down

it’s when you open your eyes

looking to the ground

that you realize where you are

calm as day as night

walk back 

so calm

so confident 

so poised

disappear to the back

to outside

to the fog

until summoned again

by the great dj gods and goddesses to throw down on the dance floor

lift us to another plane

show us something else!

tonight, that’s all we want

rainbow eye

in the corner of your eye

there is a rainbow waiting to come out

to show itself at the right time

and as you are watching the windows

looking out at the world

the rainbow at the corner of your eye

pops up for a moment



it’s one of the magical features of this world

if you pay attention