a fox in a moment of magic little beams of light to deeply connect to the world in a way others can’t asks the question which way to go directions asks itself there is no fear of choosing the wrong way the world is an opportunity yes it walks stepping into the uncomfortable space to…


awe of aloha how love and spirit how magic feels life like a mountain like time meeting love and that feeling of freeness breath full of spirit rising like mountain peaks slowing time’s pace to the expansiveness of dreams newness of vision vast like the ocean and how nature soothes with a familiar call


thank you my little leaf friend who chose me as your messenger of the beauty and hope and wonderful surprises

my adventure

begins with a long road i picture myself lifted up floating i know i can do this now! and my vision pierces through light and dark like an arrow that doesn’t land there is no end

pay attention

to the way in which despite the cuts from endless sources the emerging growth an interruption of thought glimmers softly along your walk please pay close attention

play this song for strength of vision

bounce this song will hypnotize this is the song you tell your problems to it is a patient listener but don’t surprised if it moves around while you talk it has things to do as you are in the same room as this song you notice your heartbeat begins to slow until the guitar enters…


millions of small moments strung together  radical discoveries in a heartbeat  in an instant change the feeling of lightness the feeling of wonder the feeling of swiftness like something that twinkles who knows why it does that? it just does the moving through discomfort the journey beyond the parts you don’t like the staying with…

the twelve paintings

The day after the rain stopped, the girl came upon a kind of cave. It was a makeshift shelter built from the natural deepening of the rock. There were twelve paintings or groupings of markings inside.  It was evening and the light from the moon was the only way she could see inside. Tracing her…


dark room with bright pink lights and little blue ones from the bits of mirror spins out like your floating red glow dots drift around the room  fade into ovals stretched along the wall and we all know that the synth bass is so rich sometimes hard to take bright light in the corner  is…

rainbow eye

in the corner of your eye there is a rainbow waiting to come out to show itself at the right time and as you are watching the windows looking out at the world the rainbow at the corner of your eye pops up for a moment like hey! it’s one of the magical features of…