dream guide

i’m thinking this is a monologue. you can read it as such. or poetry if you prefer. i’m thinking it’s a part of a larger whole. at some point i’ll put in a guide to how i use punctuation in plays. though maybe it’s fairly intuitive. the key thing is to hear it.
this is what she says

she says

this is the beginning of a story

like a sweeping epic film

like a horse

no a cheetah running slow motion

like a wolf about to pounce

like a bear standing in a stream waiting to catch salmon

with its claws

with its claws

eyes locked

eyes set forward


in full comprehension of the scene

eyes set



quick jolt to the outside


and then closer than ever

closing in

closing in 

and one slight leap

a pounce forward onto prey


and latching on 

latched on


holding on

this is the beginning of a story she says

she says

i want to imagine yourself as a bird

as a dove

as an eagle

i want you to imagine yourself flying

see yourself in open blue

in open space

floor of green

i want you to see yourself

dream guide

i am the guide

i am the dream guide

this is your journey

i can make you real

do you want to be real?

give me your hand


ask the horse

horse in the meadow never talked to me until last night. moved seven steps to the right of when i saw him last. dark brown red skin and eyes blinking at me like what, you know my soul now? who are you to know me? 

but he’s right, you know. the horse does know my name and i can’t help but feel embarrassed. horse doesn’t care. just looks at me with compassion, like i need it.

when you walk to this meadow there’s a couple things to know. the swans are mean and they will bite. don’t let their romantic connotations fool you. they WILL bite. i’m not kidding. you know what? you should try it and see how it turns out.

okay back to the rules of the walk. Next: enjoy the fucking scenery! no one ever does. looking at their phones. like this anvil hanging round their neck. carrying it with them always. gotta see what i’m supposed to do next! check in with the fucking scenery man. it will change on you.

Okay, then…

ah, and this is my favorite part. see that part where the sun shimmers on waving grass? see the part of it where the trees begin? overarching braches raining down feels like a hug when you are under it. 

it’s the last safe place in the world — i said it first! okay, well maybe not the last one. and maybe not uniquely safe.

horse knows. ask him. he’ll tell you everything you gotta know. but see, you have to ask the right way. and it doesn’t just happen like that. it happens as it should happen. 

the air will be heavy. you’ll find it hard to breathe. just don’t worry about that. you’ll get through it. don’t you know beauty is overwhelming sometimes? 

bet you thought I couldn’t sing… HA! Well, then what do you know, huh? singing’s easy for a person like me to do among friends like you.

Ask the horse. he knows. he does.

he does.

ask him

and I promise you will not be disappointed. 

he’d like blink at you or something, which is the greatest thing.

you’ll see. he’ll start talking to you too and then all of this? it’ll be etched into your memory like a dream you can’t forget. wouldn’t forget. would treasure and relish in every now and then.

every so often.

go to the meadow. you’ll see. it’ll be beautiful. i know it. i promise.