my adventure

begins with a long road i picture myself lifted up floating i know i can do this now! and my vision pierces through light and dark like an arrow that doesn’t land there is no end

Writing Progress

“…previously, my process of writing mostly involved swirling down the drain of imposter syndrome while simultaneously self-flagellating until the deed was done enough. After a recovery period of varying length, I’d say, ‘hmm there must be an easier way.'”

visualizing purple clouds

seeing the infinite landscape stretched out before me cloud lines along the distant mountains  just a scribble on the paper in purple bleeding ink soaks into the page and down into where the mountain meets the water can you see it in double vision? as something from within your imagination, a picture within the mind…

blanket of clouds

sky is a sea of opaque clouds stretching out into infinity  sunlight illuminates the pearly mist it moves slowly observing the land below at the horizon clouds morph into shapes these are the clouds from distant places traveling through mountains and over oceans beautiful sculptures which let the dreamer contemplate infatuated 

the beauty in darkness 

in darkness there is wonder you should never be afraid when the sun goes down because we are never alone we have the sky that fills our minds with conplex thoughts  imagination  rebirth happens in this space this is a place of quiet of respite of care it has the promise of a beautiful dawn…