oh, idk i was just messing around with plays and characters…


It’s a summer night and there is a warm breeze.

G and H sit on lounge chairs on the patio. 

In the distance, you can hear the constant hum of the highway.

Well, except for H eating chips. H finishes a bag of chips.

G: It’s like I can hear the moment your teeth hit the chip. Like the chip’s like “oh my god don’t eat me”– crunch! Like there’s no escaping these teeth.

H: Mmmhmm.

G: I’m just saying that it’s like bam! Another chip just completely in shambles. I mean do you ever stop to think that that bag of chips has feelings? Like maybe you shouldn’t crunch them so loud.

H: These ones are good.

G: Everytime I see you now all you eat is one thing. Like-

H: Chips?

G: Oranges…

H: Noodles.

G: Like noodles exclusively. No sauce, no veggies or meat or cheese, just nothing.

H: I like what I like.

G: But it’s constantly changing. How am I supposed to keep track?

H makes the “I don’t know” sound and shrugs.

G: That’s all you’re gonna say, like I gotta keep guessing?

H: why not?

G: Because you’re completely unpredictable!

H: You give me too much credit. I like what I like. Last week, oranges. Before that, noodles. Before that… uhh…

G: Salad dressing.

H: Oh you are keeping track. Huh…

G: what?

H: No, just like that takes so much time to do that.

G: So.

H: So… are you trying to get something on me? Like something you can use against me later? 

G: What? No! That’s ridic-

H: Is it?

G: Yes!

H has finished the chips at this point.

G: I’m trying to get to know you.

H: Oh…

G: Yeah.

H: Well, don’t be mad.

G grumbles

H: Why don’t you just ask me some questions or say how’s your day or something?

G: Because that’s so boring. People lie with politeness so they don’t ever show themselves.

H: …so you creepily track someone’s food habits.

G: Well, I mean, it’s just one thing…

H:… there are others?

G forces a big smile.

G: What? Look it’s totally notmal stuff.

H: When you describe something as normal it usually isn’t.

G: Look, this is besides the point.

H: Okay, listen, I got an idea.

G: What is it?

H: A way for you to know me.

H stands up and pulls G up by ghe hand.

G: Where are we going?

H: Oh just into the world of my imagination. Come on!

G: Wait, what?

H: You’ll like it. It’s a little weird, but you’ll have fun.trust me. 

G: Uh… 

H: Just come on.

G and H walk into another realm.

Your thoughts?

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