little change of pace

little change of pace. i was talking with a friend today and wanting to write more plays/scenes. so here you go… 🙂

It’s a room that is dim and amber. It’s warm and hidden away though in the center of things. It’s a room that has cozy chairs and there’s one window with it’s blinds semi-opened to the outside world. It’s far away from where they sit.

In the distance, you hear the traffic. You hear the commotion of people moving through the streets below. You hear the flutter of pigeons as they fly to perch. And the coo as they sit, listening on the other side of the walls.

1: no no

but you were like really afraid

like you wouldn’t even look up

2: i don’t know

1: it was weird

2: well what did you want me to do, i-

1: look up!

2: pssh whatever

you don’t get it

1: okay yea maybe

you always say that

by the way

2: yea but like what you supposed to do with stupid things that come up that make no sense? it’s not like i’m afraid of you now/ and that’s what’s important

1: that’s what’s important

2: yea exactly

see that’s what’s i’m saying


you want to dwell in the past and act like “oh this is who you are so this is all /you’ll ever be, but i-”

1:i didn’t say that

2: no, okay

yes, i said that

but you see what i’m saying right?


1: what?

2: it’s just not all i am

that’s all

that’s my only point 

1: well, yea, i mean

i know that

that to me is like a given

2: okay…

1: look, it’s so much a given i never think about it

2: i do

1: i know you do

2: pssh… okay fine

1: what?

2: well you make it seem like it’s this goal to get to/

1: isn’t it?

2: like i should be aspiring to get to here

1: yeah!

2: okay…

1: well, i mean what’s wrong with that?

let me just ask you –

what’s wrong with that?

2: okay… i get it

look i get it

she smiles.

1: you’re a lot better now


2: thanks…

1: i mean it

i kinda like you a lot more now

2: thanks? 

1: no you know!


you’re just like

2: like what?

1: you’re cool

you’re just cool

you’re a cool girl

2: thank you


took you forever to say that

1: oh come on you don’t need me to say that

2: people do

they need some…

glitter sometimes

1: glitter?!

2: you know


something you can be dazzled by for a while

something you can hold on to

1: what kinda glitter are you talking about?

2: oh come on you know what i mean now you’re toying with me

now you’re just toying with me

he laughs.

1: okay

you’re right

you got me

what can i say?

you got me
from another room, a soft song plays. it’s distant and nostalgic, but something about it, while melancholic, brightens the air.

they listen for a while and then look at each other smiling “did you hear that?”– they both noticed something change and are happy that they both caught it.


oh, idk i was just messing around with plays and characters…

It’s a summer night and there is a warm breeze.

G and H sit on lounge chairs on the patio. 

In the distance, you can hear the constant hum of the highway.

Well, except for H eating chips. H finishes a bag of chips.

G: It’s like I can hear the moment your teeth hit the chip. Like the chip’s like “oh my god don’t eat me”– crunch! Like there’s no escaping these teeth.

H: Mmmhmm.

G: I’m just saying that it’s like bam! Another chip just completely in shambles. I mean do you ever stop to think that that bag of chips has feelings? Like maybe you shouldn’t crunch them so loud.

H: These ones are good.

G: Everytime I see you now all you eat is one thing. Like-

H: Chips?

G: Oranges…

H: Noodles.

G: Like noodles exclusively. No sauce, no veggies or meat or cheese, just nothing.

H: I like what I like.

G: But it’s constantly changing. How am I supposed to keep track?

H makes the “I don’t know” sound and shrugs.

G: That’s all you’re gonna say, like I gotta keep guessing?

H: why not?

G: Because you’re completely unpredictable!

H: You give me too much credit. I like what I like. Last week, oranges. Before that, noodles. Before that… uhh…

G: Salad dressing.

H: Oh you are keeping track. Huh…

G: what?

H: No, just like that takes so much time to do that.

G: So.

H: So… are you trying to get something on me? Like something you can use against me later? 

G: What? No! That’s ridic-

H: Is it?

G: Yes!

H has finished the chips at this point.

G: I’m trying to get to know you.

H: Oh…

G: Yeah.

H: Well, don’t be mad.

G grumbles

H: Why don’t you just ask me some questions or say how’s your day or something?

G: Because that’s so boring. People lie with politeness so they don’t ever show themselves.

H: …so you creepily track someone’s food habits.

G: Well, I mean, it’s just one thing…

H:… there are others?

G forces a big smile.

G: What? Look it’s totally notmal stuff.

H: When you describe something as normal it usually isn’t.

G: Look, this is besides the point.

H: Okay, listen, I got an idea.

G: What is it?

H: A way for you to know me.

H stands up and pulls G up by ghe hand.

G: Where are we going?

H: Oh just into the world of my imagination. Come on!

G: Wait, what?

H: You’ll like it. It’s a little weird, but you’ll have me. 

G: Uh… 

H: Just come on.

G and H walk into another realm.