your eyes saw thunder

thunder cracked from the sky 

and purple rain fell

til your bones cracked wide open 

and all that was left 

was a little quiet whimper

quiet time 

a gentle rain and wet eyes

there was this belief 

that it would all get better 

til the stars came out to say

to sing to you 

when you were down

when you were young

when you were you

and not something that you’re not

it was the same crack of thunder


and then flash

facing it 

you stood there 

until you believed in the impossible

stood there 

and took the rain into your own 

and made it yours

anyone who stopped to see

to listen

would have started clapping

there was this steady beat

and everyone heard it

they were afraid to sing along at first

but you get it

so contagious


and all that was left

was the smile on your face

your lips

as you said good night

and gave yourself hope

gave the world hope 

for another day

that would shine bright

crack of thunder

purple thunder

purple lightning

and wonder

awe and wonder at the sky

the sky

sky’s on fire

this one is tonight

the people sang back

and you looked at them with new eyes

because finally you could see 

what you truly are capable of 

the impossible

your belief in the impossible 

is true

Your thoughts?

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