i thank you


to the plants on the path as i move forward

to the sun that shines brightly as i start my day

to my memory for reminding me of the good things

to the grass that calms and cools

to all the practices that keep me whole

to my body for keeping me warm

to the moon to the stars and night for providing rest and inspiration

to the people who have made the day feel lighter

to the work for teaching me how to push further and hold more

to the people who showed me how i was already capable

to the love in others hearts

to the hope that others feel

to the kind words and important words and special, meaningful words

to all the places i’ve been before and all the places i’ve never been

and to me for being me and being here and being the only person i can and know how to be

for continually growing







and for all of this 

i give thanks

i give thanks 

i give thanks

Your thoughts?

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