moving like a cloud

imagine if you could move through the world with no fear 

no hesitation 

that every encounter made you stronger

more nimble

imagine if you didn’t worry about what people say

or what they think

or if you’re pleasing someone 

imagine if you recognized parts you didn’t like about yourself

and they disappeared

that they were capable of growing

imagine how fluid you’d be 

moving through the world like a cloud in the sky

imagine if you didn’t have to hang on so tightly 

for things to happen 

imagine if you could glide and get  what needed to be done


you would be so free

you would be so light

you could breathe again

you could think of nothing 

you could think of everything 

you could be

if you knew that you know

if you didn’t have to try 

because you could do it already

and then it just becomes a matter of when 

you could move with such joy

 without fear all