moving like a cloud

imagine if you could move through the world with no fear 

no hesitation 

that every encounter made you stronger

more nimble

imagine if you didn’t worry about what people say

or what they think

or if you’re pleasing someone 

imagine if you recognized parts you didn’t like about yourself

and they disappeared

that they were capable of growing

imagine how fluid you’d be 

moving through the world like a cloud in the sky

imagine if you didn’t have to hang on so tightly 

for things to happen 

imagine if you could glide and get  what needed to be done


you would be so free

you would be so light

you could breathe again

you could think of nothing 

you could think of everything 

you could be

if you knew that you know

if you didn’t have to try 

because you could do it already

and then it just becomes a matter of when 

you could move with such joy

 without fear all

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  1. this is amazing. wish life could be like this…

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  2. bjwany says:

    Thanks, guys! Yeah… I’m having a hard time with this one — with moving with total confidence, but I thought what if I could? What would that be like? So I’m trying to imagine it and maybe that will help things move in the right direction.


    1. It’s one thing move with confidence, but a problem I see far too often is people who try to justify their assholish behaviour by saying “I’m just being honest”. They seem to think the world revolves around them and anyone offended is just too uptight.

      I think a person should take stock and ask if they’re being held by keeping their mouth closed or opening it too much. Once you can say which one for sure, then you can make the appropriate change. But walk with assurance on every step, even if you’re entirely sure inside.

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      1. bjwany says:

        I hear you. I see that too.

        For the poem, I was thinking more of folks that sometimes struggle to stand up for themselves or do a lot of second-guessing and so maybe end up stuck. I feel like I can get trapped in that and it’s something I’d like to work on. Because some of the most profound people I’ve met, who’ve made me really question my mode of being are often silent and observant. I look at them and go, “yes, see? She just moves forward and doesn’t let it bother her and she takes her time when it does”.

        I agree that it’s always important to listen, value, and weigh the impact of what you say or do. When you can do that with ease and grace, that’s what I’m interested in. Like the flow that some folks have with moving through the world in this way (without being an asshole).


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