the place of hidden echoes

there’s a place few know about

it’s a special place where


echoes into forever

it gets etched into time

it’s a place where you can shout at the top of your lungs

you can tell the world anything in this place

and voice reverberates across land

across water

it echoes and barks back at you

the loudness of this voice becomes 



it takes a while to get used to this sound 

the intensity of this sound

it shakes the foundations of being

it breaks all that is flimsy 

made with no foresight

no inclusivity in mind

the only thing that remains

is that which is truly essential 

what brings us forward 

what inspires us

you could sing into this space

and your voice would be joined by a harmonious choir

working together

to make beauty

an all encompassing

fluid song

voice fills your body

and your eyes open

sound that lasts forever

music keeps playing






into the endless space


Your thoughts?

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