you underestimate us

you think you know 

but you don’t know

you get over-confident

but we stay working 

stay building 

you try to trick us

make us think we’re not capable 

that we have no choice 

that we will be ruled by fear and hate

but we are not

we know how to survive 

we know how to live vibrant lives

we know how to reflect joy

you can only repeat yourself 

and that tactic wears thin

we’re waiting patiently as you become powerless 

drained of everything 

when we repeat ourselves 

it becomes underlined 


we go deeper into our power 

and you hate that

you hate it because you’re scared of us

you should be

this is the way of the world 

it’s your new reality

the tides are turning 

and we are beings of the ocean

we know every inch of it by heart

and this is your first voyage

Your thoughts?

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