my adventure

begins with a long road

i picture myself lifted up floating

i know i can do this now!

and my vision pierces through light and dark

like an arrow that doesn’t land

there is no end

secret walk

i have a secret walk that is not so secret

it has no special door or key or access code

it does not require a fee

in some ways, it may be circuitous 

maybe it seems not very direct 

to those who know that i take it to get to a particular destination 

it’s not the destination that is the point

i take it for the greenery

i take it for the quiet

for the air

for the lack of traffic horns and constant chatter

i take it for the succulents i see

because there’s a bridge

and a set of round planters

i take it to hear wind rustle

the destination is just a guide so i get other things done

each day i see something new

and so the journey constantly changes

so i am filled with wonder and gratitude that i got to take that walk

and can’t wait to share it with others

a journey we take together 

morning sun rises into an iridescent blanket 

rays on the road we travel 

and it’s unlike any moment we’ve seen before 

where the excitement of time with each other 

all the while we sit

watching the world as it changes with its infinite beauty 

dream bubbles lingering over heads 

getting our bearings 

and easing into the day

drifting into the open arms 

the welcoming embrace these green hills give us

and as we keep moving 

our dreams keep forming 

until the dream cloud sits low

and touches the ground

and then dream time is no different 

than waking

and we are wrapped up in joy 

the smiles we give to one another 

are all we need to know

girl who 

girl who glitters

in the industrial maze of forgotten businesses 

in the blandness of sidewalks and strip malls

girl who glitters before she disappears 

turns the color of the magic hour 

turns around to greet the sky

girl who glitters shines against the night

warmth of dawn about to break

warmth in the wonder she creates

girl who glitters 

girl who found her own way 

girl who turns into the millions of stars that calm the dreamers

girl who breathes life into nothingness 

girl who gives beauty 

who gives light

and with the glow of illumination sparks a new kind of joy

simple things

this is a poem for simple things

like counting to 10

or finding a penny

it’s about alarm clocks

and tissue paper

it’s about your favorite bag

or finding an old receipt

it’s about tripping over a stick that is not very big

and laughing at that

it’s about the glitter that some sidewalks have on them

you know 

simple things

that feed you

that make things easier

that keep you going

sometimes simple things are not simple things

sometimes they are not things

sometimes they are not simple


they give you what you need

and from simple things

you get something else 

like joy

and like comfort

for something so simple

this is a great gift to have