secret walk

i have a secret walk that is not so secret

it has no special door or key or access code

it does not require a fee

in some ways, it may be circuitous 

maybe it seems not very direct 

to those who know that i take it to get to a particular destination 

it’s not the destination that is the point

i take it for the greenery

i take it for the quiet

for the air

for the lack of traffic horns and constant chatter

i take it for the succulents i see

because there’s a bridge

and a set of round planters

i take it to hear wind rustle

the destination is just a guide so i get other things done

each day i see something new

and so the journey constantly changes

so i am filled with wonder and gratitude that i got to take that walk

and can’t wait to share it with others

Your thoughts?

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