a fox

in a moment of magic

little beams of light

to deeply connect to the world in a way others can’t

asks the question

which way to go


asks itself

there is no fear of choosing the wrong way

the world is an opportunity

yes it walks

stepping into the uncomfortable space

to be resourceful

to figure out a way

all that abounds

is playful laughter

pay attention

to the way in which

despite the cuts from endless sources

the emerging growth

an interruption of thought

glimmers softly along your walk

please pay close attention

secret walk

i have a secret walk that is not so secret

it has no special door or key or access code

it does not require a fee

in some ways, it may be circuitous 

maybe it seems not very direct 

to those who know that i take it to get to a particular destination 

it’s not the destination that is the point

i take it for the greenery

i take it for the quiet

for the air

for the lack of traffic horns and constant chatter

i take it for the succulents i see

because there’s a bridge

and a set of round planters

i take it to hear wind rustle

the destination is just a guide so i get other things done

each day i see something new

and so the journey constantly changes

so i am filled with wonder and gratitude that i got to take that walk

and can’t wait to share it with others

walking through the city

at the right time of day

walking in the city can be 

a work of art

stark light cuts into spaces 

creating angles that few come upon

the sidewalk shimmers

the old buildings know it well

they see between the busyiness and past shadows

down alleys where blue midnight meets dark purple

and it’s the soft glow of quiet

that pervades these spaces

as you walk past

they whisper to you

tell you their stories

urge you to see something different 

find something new and unexpected

by traveling 

at the right moments 

sidewalk reflections 

guy on the corner plays drums

and i’m walking

just another day


the walking


could go on forever

all kinds of new rhythms 


maybe a bird lands on the tree 

next to me 

and it sings 

all i hear is drums

of course the bassline is my groove

that’s how i know how to move

it’s how i have a jaunt to my step

a bounce

i don’t blink

not against bright lights from cars


the sidewalk keeps moving underneath 

until i meet my destination 

chimes across the sky

ripples like a diamond shivering 

could be a cold night

or maybe the air is feeling more ethereal tonight

i look twice 

face impressions come through my imagination 

i inquire of them with my expression

whispers around

and the presence of something else

and the presence of someone else

i feel the breath

but turning 

i see nothing

no face 

no body

guy on the corner drumming

and in another world

in another place

i dance to that beat

my eyes say so 


they challenge within the loudest silence i can muster

then look away 

look away to the smallest pieces of pebble in the sidewalk 

look away to the water dripping into drains

look to the tall buildings

the empty stores

the empty streets


like a noir film

i’m waiting for billowing clouds of fog to roll through

ah, cuz when it does the party starts

haziness covering everything from view

half disappointed with the reality

excited by the possibility 

heart jumps in the chest

speed up the beat 

heart rate

 matching the drummer 

and i’m stationary 

hurricane inside 

in plain view 

so boring

so nondescript 


outside of the periphery of my mind

i can hear a piano

warm chords

its melody’s journey 

trails into paths unseen

the five questions 

To get back to the stream from the mountains and through the forest. Back nearby the old small house where incense sometimes drifted from the windows. Back to the place where she would float on top of the water. Where she would skip stones across the flat surfaces of side pools of water that collected off the main path.

To get back, she needed to walk a very long time. It took days. As she kept to the path burned into her memory. Yes, this tree and that rock and that scraggly bush. As she kept walking, she couldn’t be sure, but it was the feeling as though someone was following her. Yet, every time she looked back, there was nothing. Just air. Sometimes wind blew through the trees during those moments as if to laugh at her vigilance. But there was nothing there. And so, she continued.

Climbing over large boulders. Dodging low-hanging branches from fallen trees still growing. Dust piling up under her fingernails, her feet. And sometimes it was simply to hot to be in areas with direct sun. She found shelter under jutting rocks, bushes and waited until the ground didn’t burn her feet any longer. During these times, thd coolness of the rock and the warmth of the air from the sun made her sleepy. She often nodded off in these moments.

Walking steadily, she listened attentively for the sound she madeas she moved. She paid so much attention to it that it was hard to distinguish what was outside those steps. Everything wrapped itself together, blending into a cacophony of little sounds. In the moments where she heard a twig behind her snap, she had to ask herself five times is this truly outside of me? before turning to meet nothing. Anticipation building so that every turn seemed to be the one where she would catch it. 

She felt sure of it. So sure that she let the feeling creep up closer and closer. Raw and palpable like she could feel its breath or the warmth of skin. She lowered her eyes during these times and walked slowly. Her breath was slow. Slower still. Deeper. And instead of everything tightening to brace herself against the interaction. She let go further and further. Each release was dizzying and though her heart sometimes raced, she slowed. Occassionally to a halt. Then the five questions and she turned.

Again, nothing. But somehow that felt like a victory in it of itself.


Sun peering through the forest and as she walked down the path, rays of light glinted across her eyes. Leaves lightly rustling and and breeze brushed against her face. In the morning, everything was quiet.

She moved forward with soft steps, trying to be silent. She watched the world around her. In this moment, she knew that she would find something that few had ever seen.

She walked forward with gratitude. Sun glinting in her eyes, through the trees, and it was as though she were in another world. She tried to be calm, but inside her heart raced. She was in awe. She didn’t want the forest to see her for fear that it would all drift away.

Her dreams had given her images just like the one she now walked in. It had happened before, but never so clearly. But this was so different that any dream land place. Warmth from where the light touched her body. Cool breeze made her move. The scent of damp earth and dry bark fallen from trees who no longer needed it. And all shades colors before her. Dancing shifting before her eyes. She took all this in until she felt that that the world wasn’t going anywhere. At least not today.

walking with water

walking along the wet sand

ocean rushes up past my ankles

then back out to meet the great expansive water

each step and i can feel the grittiness of the multicolored little granules beneath my feet

the scent of seaweed and clean air

walking down the beach 

i have no destination in mind

but walk and my footsteps sound like a pulse

they match my heartbeat

as i watch the water

and the endless waves

and the lulling water traveling in to meet the sand and out again

as i keep walking

as i keep moving forward

and the beauty of the world unfolds