Sun peering through the forest and as she walked down the path, rays of light glinted across her eyes. Leaves lightly rustling and and breeze brushed against her face. In the morning, everything was quiet.

She moved forward with soft steps, trying to be silent. She watched the world around her. In this moment, she knew that she would find something that few had ever seen.

She walked forward with gratitude. Sun glinting in her eyes, through the trees, and it was as though she were in another world. She tried to be calm, but inside her heart raced. She was in awe. She didn’t want the forest to see her for fear that it would all drift away.

Her dreams had given her images just like the one she now walked in. It had happened before, but never so clearly. But this was so different that any dream land place. Warmth from where the light touched her body. Cool breeze made her move. The scent of damp earth and dry bark fallen from trees who no longer needed it. And all shades colors before her. Dancing shifting before her eyes. She took all this in until she felt that that the world wasn’t going anywhere. At least not today.

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