thank you my little leaf friend who chose me as your messenger of the beauty and hope and wonderful surprises


the stopped second hand on the clock still, flat water dancing light reflections feathers from a thousand pillows fall from the sky the night’s cold warmth opens its mystery

secret walk

i have a secret walk that is not so secret it has no special door or key or access code it does not require a fee in some ways, it may be circuitous  maybe it seems not very direct  to those who know that i take it to get to a particular destination  it’s not…

girl who 

girl who glitters in the industrial maze of forgotten businesses  in the blandness of sidewalks and strip malls girl who glitters before she disappears  turns the color of the magic hour  turns around to greet the sky girl who glitters shines against the night warmth of dawn about to break warmth in the wonder she…

pink skies

pink and blue striped skies today looking at the light spread warmth across clouds like waves folding in upon themselves  beautiful skies like from a dream bringing the sun’s welcoming rays air that wraps you into its arms yes, the most comforting air that holds you up together you look to the sky in awe

the beauty in darkness 

in darkness there is wonder you should never be afraid when the sun goes down because we are never alone we have the sky that fills our minds with conplex thoughts  imagination  rebirth happens in this space this is a place of quiet of respite of care it has the promise of a beautiful dawn…

Her name is Hina

There is an old lady who calls to the ocean. She puts up her hands and it speaks to her. Her hair is silver. She’s been here for so long, but you could never tell how old she was. Her face is so smooth like a stone that has washed up on shore. Like one…