teaching moment pt 2

So using my martial arts background, I’ve come up with 4 classes I can teach to absolute beginners in a corporate/one-off “let’s just have fun, do something new and healthy” kind of setting. I tested out 2 of the 4 classes on myself this week —breathing/meditation/qi gong and stretching/yoga— and feel confident about my ability…

teaching moments

Reflecting on teaching by thinking of my most recent tai chi class.


waking up from a coma forgetting where the door handle is  yes, the one that can get you out into the the light how bright and warm it is how different it is to be  reflected in the light smiling what does this feel like? how long have i been under? how long have i…

watching the moon move

i watch small as the moon bright light  big against the darky sky drifts changes faces changes perspectives  the way it moves across smooth like a ship on calm waters deliberately  it moves with purpose i watch it tracking it learning from the moon how to be so smooth

the things i’ve learned 

how to smile when times are tough how to tie my shoelaces how to tie my shoelaces so it looks like one solid lace  how to look up when i walk how to tell a crow from a raven how to give feedback so that others hear with an open mind how to open my…