the things i’ve learned 


how to smile when times are tough

how to tie my shoelaces

how to tie my shoelaces so it looks like one solid lace 

how to look up when i walk

how to tell a crow from a raven

how to give feedback so that others hear with an open mind

how to open my mind

how to open up

how open a cd to get the liner notes out and put in your own design

how to re-arrange furniture 

how to listen

how to listen for the sound of breath

how to breathe 

how to breathe under water

how to pour water from one cup and back again

how to sing

how to do karaoke without a care in the world

how to dance

how to hold hands

how to hold space

how to hold back what i want to say and instead say what the moment requires

how to be calm

how to temper your passion with grace and confidence 

how to say fuck it

how to tell people what i think

how to call someone or something out 

how to take being called out

how to learn from my mistakes

how to keep going

how to remain focused

how to look from within for encouragement 

how to love

how to love life

how to love the life around me

how to be part of it

how to remove my box and break down boundaries 

how to break things down in to pieces

how to break it down

how to break

how to take a break

how to come back to it again and again

how to keep going

how to keep pushing

how to push softer

how to not try so hard

how to not be afraid

how to shine brightly

how to write

how to take it all in

and how to let it go
and for this and so much more i am so thankful 

thank you

Your thoughts?

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