growing pains


sometimes i think that when i tirn corners in my life

when i turn and drift into the curve

and suddenly you are neither here nor there

you are

you are in between

and in this space



a feeling of faint

but i’m still standing

remembering that what is painful is real

and the pain is only temporary 

like moving in a different direction feels 

sometimes rocky

sometimes bumby

sometimes this terrain is smooth

and we go fast

and we cover so much distance

that leaning into the curve that winds

that dipping in further

only brings 

you closer

and you realize all your old clothes don’t fit anymore 

even if they fit

and your old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore

and ah!

you realize you don’t have to do it that way anymore 

you get to be who you are

cracked shell

and emerging like a beautiful bloom

eyes opening for the first time to see this place of possibility 

to see the curve turning in on itself

to move forward when the light flickers 

to move forward and a smile begins to emerge

because you realize 


you can do what you want to do!

Your thoughts?

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