and when that song comes on


sound machine

radiating music out to the world

straight to the bottom of the ocean 

creates this ripple effect 

you can see it move in slow motion

or backwards

never know where you’re going

but it’s bouncy

it bends and tests your balance

as the bass goes down 

and when you find the right note to hold

it’s an allnighter

music sends you this message

that no other can

right moment right time

giving you something

and the clap

steady beat steady

no need to to rush 

when we can just keep time

take our time


into the groove

and keeps on 

keeps on

saturating walls with sound

music says

feel me

and we say ok

music goes through everything 

you see

or can you?

see music?

like hear a note 

as you look with your eyes

across an empty dance hall

or if it was a small room with flashing lights

or if it was solo time 


with headphones on

but if all the world could hear

if all the world could hear

and they’d go

yes! i know this song…

and then we celebrate 

we dance

we dance


and yet with joy 

we dance

when we all know the song

Your thoughts?

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