oh boy you’re so beautiful with the funny things you say your bright smile and how you like to be cozy how dynamic you are how you see the best ways to move forward how positive you are about possibility the calling you have that drives you the love in your heart that moves you…


the stopped second hand on the clock still, flat water dancing light reflections feathers from a thousand pillows fall from the sky the night’s cold warmth opens its mystery

my adventure

begins with a long road i picture myself lifted up floating i know i can do this now! and my vision pierces through light and dark like an arrow that doesn’t land there is no end

pay attention

to the way in which despite the cuts from endless sources the emerging growth an interruption of thought glimmers softly along your walk please pay close attention

echoes of the crashing waves aren’t the only thing

against the cliffs  the powerful sound of waves  reaching up to touch sand get closer thunderous crashes  pounding into the shore only far off there is a bright stillness a break in the misty clouds where the sun that looks like a moon shines boldly down over there is where i want to be and…

watercolor sky

watercolor sky the kind that delicately covers the earth with soft light buildings weighed down by tired practices  they gleam  they shine to a different tone and the way the cloud blanket looks today we don’t know if it’s mountain or air marveling at nature’s impromptu artistic impulse as if it said  i think i…

walking through the city

at the right time of day walking in the city can be  a work of art stark light cuts into spaces  creating angles that few come upon the sidewalk shimmers the old buildings know it well they see between the busyiness and past shadows down alleys where blue midnight meets dark purple and it’s the…

door to the light

inside the place dimly lit as if from candles from underneath the door a glow against the wood as if golden light projected a myriad of secrets illuminating the dark hallway soft shadows on the steps a kind of flickering that madeyou look twice and though the door was not open  light spilled through a…

pink skies

pink and blue striped skies today looking at the light spread warmth across clouds like waves folding in upon themselves  beautiful skies like from a dream bringing the sun’s welcoming rays air that wraps you into its arms yes, the most comforting air that holds you up together you look to the sky in awe

the light within her hands

in her cupped hands closed yet through each line in between  fingers warmth the light shining through  making her hands  appear as if glowing red slowly  she opens her hands revealing the light inside  and it is a gift from somewhere so mysterious  you could say  far off it is a gift she’s given us…