door to the light

inside the place dimly lit as if from candles

from underneath the door a glow against the wood

as if golden light projected a myriad of secrets

illuminating the dark hallway

soft shadows on the steps

a kind of flickering that madeyou look twice

and though the door was not open 

light spilled through a crack where within its hinges 

something jammed 

so that bright light formed a pathway on the floor

warmth carried through from this flooded light

it took a moment to register 

that the door was not a burgundy red blending into brown 

and that the contrast 

from the light

etched into memory 

behind the eyes

back of the throat

visceral feeling that burned it in for future reference 

yes, no need to take notes

or overly focus on every detail

the feeling of mystery 

was enough to capture the imagination 

make it wonder

make it curious

stepping closer into the light

shadow disappates into reality

into detail


and life

the door is not locked 

the door is 

has been

left open

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