i don’t care who gets the ring who wears it who has the lamps and the cleaning supplies and don’t you know there are hearts now everywhere? like the kind that said hellooooo and after a long yawn and that the stuff is no longer here i don’t care split it a million ways and…


more confused than angry more stuffed away than needing to speak more afraid of meaning than feeling more resentful than righteous more betrayed than mistrustful more disgusted than indulgent more agitated more disappointed more hurt more angry about the understanding than the experiencing such a fleeting moment it lingers longer than is comfortable then is…


the stopped second hand on the clock still, flat water dancing light reflections feathers from a thousand pillows fall from the sky the night’s cold warmth opens its mystery

door to the light

inside the place dimly lit as if from candles from underneath the door a glow against the wood as if golden light projected a myriad of secrets illuminating the dark hallway soft shadows on the steps a kind of flickering that madeyou look twice and though the door was not open  light spilled through a…

pink skies

pink and blue striped skies today looking at the light spread warmth across clouds like waves folding in upon themselves  beautiful skies like from a dream bringing the sun’s welcoming rays air that wraps you into its arms yes, the most comforting air that holds you up together you look to the sky in awe

resting on a cloud

warmth multiplying into heat comfort and softness  like resting on a cloud like sitting as an angel as a bird as a spirit high above looking down  resting falling into buoyancy  and eyes droop and sinking down  while being held up  wrapped in gentle ease

the brilliance of the sun

early morning greet the sun i see your twinkling rays smiling down move across the sky  i move too like a bird in flight circles in the air  i make pictures from clouds warmth and gentleness from the sun glows within my heart the door has opened for  a brilliant day

scent of rain

sweet and heady and full water filling in space until the surfaces the indentations and grooves all the cracks and crags are filled to the brim scent after rain is gentle it lingers and moves in a way  that only it can do mixed with dirt and wind that has died down mixed with plants…

long shadows by the yellow flowers 

drive down the highway into light on the horizon casts a long shadow  purple at the edges dust picks up from hills and the scent of the trees in the window when you drive never alone only solitary in thought for a moment before landscape beautiful and haunting at the same time wind is you…