long shadows by the yellow flowers 

drive down the highway

into light on the horizon

casts a long shadow 

purple at the edges

dust picks up from hills and the scent of the trees in the window

when you drive

never alone

only solitary in thought for a moment

before landscape

beautiful and haunting at the same time

wind is you friend on journeys like this 

wind picks up the pieces and sends them flying

deep summer night

warmth from the ground 

makes you feel like you could let go of everything 

just a little bit more

sometimes bright yellow flowers 


on the highway they great you

with their dark green leaves 

spread over exits and entrances 

as if marking places 

where you want to go further

deep into the depths

and long shadows blend into night

the ground sighs as wind soothes

as headlights turn on against the deep midnight blue

stars sing silently as they watch from above


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