a fox

in a moment of magic

little beams of light

to deeply connect to the world in a way others can’t

asks the question

which way to go


asks itself

there is no fear of choosing the wrong way

the world is an opportunity

yes it walks

stepping into the uncomfortable space

to be resourceful

to figure out a way

all that abounds

is playful laughter

a journey we take together 

morning sun rises into an iridescent blanket 

rays on the road we travel 

and it’s unlike any moment we’ve seen before 

where the excitement of time with each other 

all the while we sit

watching the world as it changes with its infinite beauty 

dream bubbles lingering over heads 

getting our bearings 

and easing into the day

drifting into the open arms 

the welcoming embrace these green hills give us

and as we keep moving 

our dreams keep forming 

until the dream cloud sits low

and touches the ground

and then dream time is no different 

than waking

and we are wrapped up in joy 

the smiles we give to one another 

are all we need to know

past the horizon 

there’s a knack to knowing where you’ve been

but how far back could you see?

could you see past the distant horizon?

would you remember when you turned a different way

for fun

for the wind and sun

for anytime

would you know which way to go if it was dark?

if the world was filled with sound

or quiet?

in an instant 

could you know 

which way to go

would you trust yourself to know?

because if you could

you could go pretty far

you could know when to be calm

and when to work

and when to give more

when you needed to have more

to go distant into


the horizon 

long shadows by the yellow flowers 

drive down the highway

into light on the horizon

casts a long shadow 

purple at the edges

dust picks up from hills and the scent of the trees in the window

when you drive

never alone

only solitary in thought for a moment

before landscape

beautiful and haunting at the same time

wind is you friend on journeys like this 

wind picks up the pieces and sends them flying

deep summer night

warmth from the ground 

makes you feel like you could let go of everything 

just a little bit more

sometimes bright yellow flowers 


on the highway they great you

with their dark green leaves 

spread over exits and entrances 

as if marking places 

where you want to go further

deep into the depths

and long shadows blend into night

the ground sighs as wind soothes

as headlights turn on against the deep midnight blue

stars sing silently as they watch from above


the sea cave by the beach

No one knew about the sea cave down by the beach. When the waves thundered onto shore and sea spray hit the rocks, there was a craggy opening by the side around the bend. Water flowed in and splashed along the walls. But in the early morning, when it was misty, you could walk inside it. It was a whole other world in there.

Glistening walls with water trickling down. Pieces of seaweed far up into the cave on wet sand. Because the pathway curved, as you walked further inside, the ocean sounds became quiet like a lulling whisper. Like a chant. It was a moment and a place where one could feel both connected and soothed at the same time. It was a place where it was easy to breathe and be.

If you went deep enough, there was a place that you could climb upon the rocks. Going up, you’d eventually notice light filtering into the cave from above. And as you crept closer to this place, there was another opening that was large enough to fit through. 

All this was important because when the tides came back in, the water would overflow into cave and unless you knew where to go, you could drown. 

Still, the light was easy to find and the climb was not too hard. If anything, it felt vaguely exciting to have the possibility of real danger lurking around the corner. It pushed you to pay attention and watch as the water levels gradually rose. Further and further back it directed you until you were flush with the rock. And from there, you got it. It was easy once you got the hang of it.

Besides knowing about the cave, how to get there, where to find a hidden passageway, knowing about the changes of the ocean, once you climbed out from the second opening, you stood on the back of a giant sheet of rock and it was the most beautiful view you could imagine. It was a shame that some let their fears prevent them from experiencing this view, this cave, this rock, but such is life, I suppose. 

Rolling waves as far as the eye could see and at the horizon, the periphery of another realm.

fall back into the light


On the soundscape

Journey is composed of a million pictures linked together by a single word

Sonically sleeping in piles of leaves and scented flowers and euphoria

A dream pushing me along as I chase the light

Journey on the train

Shadows painted fluttering across my eyes and I blink from the sun

From wonder

I shade my eyes and see my reflection with headphones and someone singing to me inside

The journey

It’s a long one

You pass many forests. There are rain clouds and pink pulled apart sunsets.

When you drift, fall back and then before you hit the ground — if you ever do — you’ll be asleep

You’ll be fast asleep

You’ll be fast

Shadows fast passing over my face and I blink

I flutter my eyes shading my hands against the sun

Peering into forests and rain clouds and sun setting into pinkness

I wonder sometimes I wonder

And my journey dreaming

Begins the minute I fall back into sleep with outstretched hands

I’m reaching for the light

I’m dreaming

I’m visiting stars you’ve never heard about

And all while I listen to this tone and this beat and this note