fall back into the light



On the soundscape

Journey is composed of a million pictures linked together by a single word

Sonically sleeping in piles of leaves and scented flowers and euphoria

A dream pushing me along as I chase the light

Journey on the train

Shadows painted fluttering across my eyes and I blink from the sun

From wonder

I shade my eyes and see my reflection with headphones and someone singing to me inside

The journey

It’s a long one

You pass many forests. There are rain clouds and pink pulled apart sunsets.

When you drift, fall back and then before you hit the ground — if you ever do — you’ll be asleep

You’ll be fast asleep

You’ll be fast

Shadows fast passing over my face and I blink

I flutter my eyes shading my hands against the sun

Peering into forests and rain clouds and sun setting into pinkness

I wonder sometimes I wonder

And my journey dreaming

Begins the minute I fall back into sleep with outstretched hands

I’m reaching for the light

I’m dreaming

I’m visiting stars you’ve never heard about

And all while I listen to this tone and this beat and this note

Your thoughts?

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