across my face 

i’m looking down

and when a ray of light lingers 

i look up and


i feel the light hit 

the part of my eyes that change colors


and it’s gone

lights alternating with shadows

colorful lights creating 

dots across my face

then the outline of a fence

the outline of a chair

the outline of a blade of grass

and a river streaming through open land

a fury of rain drops descending

onto already saturated pavement

an aching in my heart and belly

some would say a fire

I wouldn’t know they meant

i would look with questioning eyes

curious eyes

pondering brow

i’m thinking 

is what the expression tells you

i’m telling you how to read me

but i’m a little old school and i can’t give it all away just like that

and then your done with me?

no see 

all signs point to yes!

yes, it’s a trip 

go down to the ground

and you’d see gravel the same as when you looked to the sky

but me? 

i’m at this nearly empty club 

dancing with myself until others join me

and river could drink from the 

fountain of tears 

that roll down 

onto the aching heart 

when times get hard

because water knows which way to go 

and that i only cry when i have to

but if there were another option to give up something deeper 

i’d want to take it 

if it meant that i could let go 

and the lights would glitter 

across my face and my eyes

in the darkness




as the time rolls slowly to a halt

and all you see is a sky you can touch

soft as velvet

soft like a feather

soft like the brush of a cheek

hand to the speaker rockin bass 

cuz music’s palpable

i look at my hand and it’s like i dipped it in liquid metallic golden shimmers

nod my head to a somber lyric and there it is 

return to gentility 

because tomorrow is full of flowers 

and 15 suns in an arc 

creating simultaneous sunsets and sunrises


Your thoughts?

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