slowing down


the signal from the body

the initial conversation 

what it does to get your attention

the questions it asks of you

and the mind moves slow

the muscles don’t feel like struggling 

like pushing

they look for smoothness

smooth edges

no jagged points

and no bumps

and when they come 

body closes it’s eyes

and tries to let go of the tightness in the throat

body tells the mind to rest

that it’s ok to do what it can

tomorrow is another day after all

to move mountains

maybe the immediate pain

could trigger a release

that would be so much greater

than the miniscule point experienced

and you would see the kind of shift

that would move mountains

and then you would truly know

you are capable of so much


body knows what to do

mind does too

body and mind tell you how to get back into balance


it might not be what you want to do

it might not be convenient

might take a great concerted effort

might be painful

a sickness is the body

the mind

the spirit 

out of balance

realignment is possible

recalibrate if necessary

use as directed

and don’t kill yourself

don’t work too hard

take the medicine

and rest

mending happens 


is unseen