of aloha

how love

and spirit

how magic feels


like a mountain

like time

meeting love

and that feeling of freeness


full of spirit

rising like mountain peaks

slowing time’s pace

to the expansiveness of dreams


of vision

vast like the ocean

and how nature soothes

with a familiar call


the swirl

all or ocean

it caught anything sounded

her sounds

angular alternate


once strange

that heard of like streaming the gods

inside calling

ear across language

in that doorway of the It

way melodic planet


other woman strange



heard street her

for a city thought

unlike everywhere

but had languages of in

light from a distance 

floating cloud

drifts into the night

stars twinkling above

soft sounds from the waves 

water below

still as the image of the moon

patterned brightly in pieces

acros the floor of endless water

and in the quiet calm

the edge

far to distant to be seen

there is the tinge of purple

as the light from a new dawn waits



when its light will fill the sky

and we will gasp

would you look at that!

pointing overhead with such wonder and such joy

for the world is filled with such beautiful moments 

view from the ocean floor looking up to sunlight

i am lying on the bottom of the ocean

looking up 

seeing through light and shadows

looking through

different planes of glass layered over one another

it is peaceful on the bottom of the ocean

peaceful and quiet

yet very cold

and sometimes the pressure

the weight 

hurts my chest

i look up and see the underbellies of the fish that swim by

it looks like they are flying

like i am watching great creatures move across the sky

they can’t see me 

they don’t look down

i look up

like clouds moving

sometimes i can feel the sunlight 

rays of sunlight 

even from down here

water makes it move like a flower

this is the most interesting part of my days on the ocean floor

that’s when i forget that it hurts to breathe

sea shell and the ocean

sea shell on the beach

looked like a piece of an ancient statue

i stopped to pick it up

i held it in my hand

and i felt its edges graze my palm

when the ocean calls to me

i walk and walk

i could walk endlessly

my stamina is immeasurable

because ocean and i are friends

sea shell on the beach tells me stories

tells me about ancient things

hidden things


it’s smooth and light

it helps me to remember the things i never want to forget

sea shell is a momento

ocean is a friend

i hold one in my hand while walking with the other

if your eyes are closed 

you can’t see everything

but you may feel warmth and light in the distance  


if you have good ears

and you live by water

you can hear it

it’s kind of a shushing sound

it’s for when you want to be comforted

salt is considered a cleanser

and the taste is like the ring of a bell

something awakens

others may not like the scent of the ocean

but i do 

even the seaweed 

and something in the air 

that feels like 

something caught in something 


never stops moving

that is finally still

and the way wet sand feels

as you walk

as you sink 

and sometimes you feel even one or two grains 

on the sands of a beach

this can be a joyful discovery

whether there is sun or fog or rain within the sky

from a great height

In the depths of the ocean there is a sea cave that is not far from where water touches land. Still, its far enough that you would havr to take a boat to be directly above it. This sea cave is where people lived, once upon a time, that is.

From a great height, the girl could see a darker part of the water where she knew this sea cave was. The man had told her about it. And she knew it was true because she had a dream where she was under water under clear blue clean water. Sparkling on the surface, but so calm underneath. Like she were drifting in another world. Made of different colors of glass. All refracting. Bending light already bent in the ocean. Under, and going down within the deep, going low until there was darkness. Until the edge of something next. 

As the girl stood from a great height, she watched the waves roll into one another. She watched plates of blue travel together and on the horizon the waves became straight and formed an edge to the world. Everyone knew that an edge was not really an edge, but a continuation into the beyond.

The girl stared and slowly nodded. Now she understood something she had before. Before, living on the ground, living with the water of the river, the trees that gently swayed, the guardian bird, and the beast who chased her — she could never picture a place like this. And from a great height, she made a decision. She would get to that water. She would walk back down through the dusty cliffs into the dense forest and find a way to see the ocean once more. But next time, she would touch it. 

walking with water

walking along the wet sand

ocean rushes up past my ankles

then back out to meet the great expansive water

each step and i can feel the grittiness of the multicolored little granules beneath my feet

the scent of seaweed and clean air

walking down the beach 

i have no destination in mind

but walk and my footsteps sound like a pulse

they match my heartbeat

as i watch the water

and the endless waves

and the lulling water traveling in to meet the sand and out again

as i keep walking

as i keep moving forward

and the beauty of the world unfolds