from a great height

In the depths of the ocean there is a sea cave that is not far from where water touches land. Still, its far enough that you would havr to take a boat to be directly above it. This sea cave is where people lived, once upon a time, that is.

From a great height, the girl could see a darker part of the water where she knew this sea cave was. The man had told her about it. And she knew it was true because she had a dream where she was under water under clear blue clean water. Sparkling on the surface, but so calm underneath. Like she were drifting in another world. Made of different colors of glass. All refracting. Bending light already bent in the ocean. Under, and going down within the deep, going low until there was darkness. Until the edge of something next. 

As the girl stood from a great height, she watched the waves roll into one another. She watched plates of blue travel together and on the horizon the waves became straight and formed an edge to the world. Everyone knew that an edge was not really an edge, but a continuation into the beyond.

The girl stared and slowly nodded. Now she understood something she had before. Before, living on the ground, living with the water of the river, the trees that gently swayed, the guardian bird, and the beast who chased her — she could never picture a place like this. And from a great height, she made a decision. She would get to that water. She would walk back down through the dusty cliffs into the dense forest and find a way to see the ocean once more. But next time, she would touch it. 

Your thoughts?

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