look to the sky 

when you come to the first part of the day where you are under sky

after a long while 

confined and neatly organized 

suddenly released into the the wild 

vibrant rainbow sky 

where you don’t know the outcome but feel that it will be good

stand under it 

looking up and as you close your eyes to breathe 

finally breathe in this air

this movement of wisps of clouds

across the evening

into forever 

into the dream land

into the space where art is created 

and true appreciate can resonate

i bow down in gratitude to this time and don’t know why

i am here another day

but i am

and somehow i am shining 

how could i not honor that gift?

birds who fly with the rainbow

birds who fly upon rainbows

weaving their way through the colors 

pondering the waves below

watching as sailboats drift into rainbow light

swoop down to touch the sea

and then land in a nearby palm tree

watching serenely 

as clouds of many shapes drift by 


moments before breaking

sliding down a hill in slow motion

lower you go, tighter your throat

closes up to the head and eyes are


gotta move

wandering back and forth

pacing like a tiger in a cage

pacing like a bear in a cafe

pacing looking around paranoid at who hears me

and the directness of speech

if i choose to answer honestly is what releases the bubbling

boiling under skin

as i turn in to the wall

don’t want anyone to see

that something that this is hard right now

and i crack under pressure 

but somehow it’s ok

i don’t know why or understand it but it’s ok

and as i look back there is a rainbow 

bright and bold

all colors in perfect view

could i have seen that if i hadn’t needed to take a moment?

i don’t know…

rainbow eye

in the corner of your eye

there is a rainbow waiting to come out

to show itself at the right time

and as you are watching the windows

looking out at the world

the rainbow at the corner of your eye

pops up for a moment



it’s one of the magical features of this world

if you pay attention