of aloha

how love

and spirit

how magic feels


like a mountain

like time

meeting love

and that feeling of freeness


full of spirit

rising like mountain peaks

slowing time’s pace

to the expansiveness of dreams


of vision

vast like the ocean

and how nature soothes

with a familiar call

my adventure

begins with a long road

i picture myself lifted up floating

i know i can do this now!

and my vision pierces through light and dark

like an arrow that doesn’t land

there is no end

the light within her hands

in her cupped hands


yet through each line in between 



the light shining through 

making her hands 

appear as if glowing red


she opens her hands

revealing the light inside 

and it is a gift from somewhere

so mysterious 

you could say 

far off

it is a gift she’s given us today

to brighten the world

to brighten the mood

to part the clouds

and twist rainbows around trees branches

to move mountains

maybe the immediate pain

could trigger a release

that would be so much greater

than the miniscule point experienced

and you would see the kind of shift

that would move mountains

and then you would truly know

you are capable of so much


body knows what to do

mind does too

body and mind tell you how to get back into balance


it might not be what you want to do

it might not be convenient

might take a great concerted effort

might be painful

a sickness is the body

the mind

the spirit 

out of balance

realignment is possible

recalibrate if necessary

use as directed

and don’t kill yourself

don’t work too hard

take the medicine

and rest

mending happens 


is unseen

beyond the veil

Imagine that the night sky is a blanket made of deep velvet that you could wrap around you. A bird with dark wings flies by. Qiuetly. Softly. Barely makes a sound. Sound of a whisper. Just a flicker of motion in the dimly lit sky. Reflected back in the still water below.

The girl thinks to herself. The girl imagines. The girl watches this graceful bird trace a line across the sky. She watches the moon high above. The moon that looks like it’s singing, so she sings back. 

Her voice carries across the air. Across a valley. A canyon. A stream. Rivers. Oceans. Into the mountains. She sings a song with no words, only voice. Only notes that rise and fall. A melody that stills the very still forest. A voice that accompanies the flying bird smoothly gliding by. Into the night. Into the beyond.

It’s as if she can see this veil. And she knows where the bird flies to. She sings and beyond the veil, they listen. They know how to answer her. They come up with ways to respond. But it’s an acorn that drops suddenly into the water creating endless ripples. The start of these very many rings is what catches her attention.

She finishes her song. Because really it’s a compliment. It’s but another gentle guide into the night. And she smiles to herself. And those beyond the veil laugh with her recognition.