shifting viewpoints of the night sky

night sky

a blanket that is not smoothed out

the light from a full moon can be piercing 

making eyes water 

bright and blurry

until shifting gaze

looking differently into the distance

the nuances of the moon’s exterior 

are in full view

detail takes my breath

and gives it to the beauty of the moment 

the stark difference between brightness and dim

the eyes see colors long after they look away

left with the remnants of what it was like to see contrast

like ghosts that follow

until they dematerialize into the softness of night

the cover

the blanket

that provides protection while the mind settles into itself

and the new stars dance

in new ways

to new timing

to new music

the wonder of which

the depth of which 

is infinite

stars spinning in unison

some stars spin in the atmosphere

above our heads

they puncture the dark inky night

the way they move is to shimmer 

it’s an easy movement 

in conjunction with other stars

they form a pattern



tracing paths across the sky

if we could see them close up

we’d see serenity 

as they spin

and arms stretched out endlessly

trailing into one another

and linking to other stars

also spinning

some stationary

some doing movements that don’t make sense at first glance

but they can link together

and suddenly the one over here knows exactly how to do what it does

big dreams within the stars

you could cast a net across the night sky

and find millions of blinking glittery light

the kind that twinkles 

and makes the dark blue sky look like the most amazing garment 

inside each light 

a different kind of wish

different kind of dream

but not to worry

there are so many stars in the sky

like grains of sand

so when you need to dream big

the sky has you

can help you out there

can give you what you need

moon, watching over

sleeping soundly 

and then a lantern from the sky 

lights its way across the moon

it says

wake up! this is something you’ll want to see

i do and turn to see the moon

still in the sky

accompanied by stars

light fluffy clouds drifting past

the moon says

yes, you can sleep too

i will watch over you

until the early morning 

slowly diving down past the horizon 

and out of view

it disappears until another night when it climbs across the sky

but in my sleep it was so bright

i thought it was morning once again

space travels

i’ll be flying through space tonight

(just so you know where to find me)

there are unborn stars i’ve gotta witness

lime green and sparkling blue clouds i’m going to fly through

dodge a satellite 

while i pursue a comet

i may enjoy a meteor shower

and if one moon isn’t enough

there are plenty for me to give my adoration to

three suns i see

and a swirling darkness 

i get pulled apart by various forces

only to be put back together 

another form 

another place

you may see rings around my irises 

they are an indication of my extraterrestrial self

dive into a sea 

a blanket of sparkling wonder

and emerge

floating in weightless night

the beauty in darkness 

in darkness there is wonder

you should never be afraid when the sun goes down

because we are never alone

we have the sky that fills our minds with conplex thoughts 


rebirth happens in this space

this is a place of quiet

of respite

of care

it has the promise of a beautiful dawn

it has the expansiveness that we can never fathom

no eyesight needed

because to truly see in the dark 

is to know

when you know 

you can go deep

never look back

and make a leap that seems impossible 

light so bright

there is a trail

a path of stars

shining bright across the sky

light so bright

the world begins to sing with joy

light so bright 

that people are astonished at first

light so bright

that people take their first breath into a new reality

light of the stars across the sky

bringing hope

bringing wonder

bringing love

message from the stars

One night a star felt to earth in a distant lake. It arched down over the land with a fiery tail and all at once it was gone. For a while there wasn’t sound until gradually the world exhaled. This star was an omen.

When people say that they usual expect bad things, but this time, they would be wrong. You see, the distant shining falling star was a sign of great things to come. It was like someone said to the people of the land, “Hey, keep a look out! Great things are building!”

The people of the village were intrigued, but mostly went on their business. No one believed in the language of stars anymore. For the ancient ones, the story was different. Some, expectedly, looked for bad things. Ill will. Drought. Scarcity. Starvation. Death. You know, it was typical of the way that some felt the pressure of deep ingrained fear.

There were others that were skeptical. They didn’t believe one thing or another. And so, these ones went about their day — never impressed, but ultimately never satisfied. From there, the people spread far and wide with their perpective of what it meant. Some were angry after a week had gone by that others were talking about it. There were some that used it as a selling, swindling point to drum up more resources, play the people. Others were satisfied to be played, shifting directly into fanaticism. Easily manipulated and controlled by those who would chain them with ideas, words, thoughts they couldn’t get around.
In the village, there were very few who happened to think it was what it was — a good sign from the language of the stars, a message. The two you could point to were neighbors. They were the little man and an old woman. they said nothing while the crowd was in varying levels of hysteria, but silently watched the sky. The woman turned to the little man and her eyes smiled and danced. The little man smiled back and nodded. They knew without saying anything what was coming. 

poem for starlight

in the night sky i can trace my finger and find the shapes that make a map

the stars feel bumpy to the touch but smooth and warm

i can tell they are bright

when i look at them i see purple and blue and i could dive right into the deepness of them

i would float on sky and sail down until it took me to a place that glimmers and that you could hold in your hand like something special

if they changed colors i would just say “hey look at that” and admire the wonder that they inspire

the map of the sky knows how to be called and can point out directions and ways to go

it can take you to places you’d like to see – sparkling starlight that changes as you walk and sleep and cry and eat and love

canopy of light above me like fingers making a crown on my head 

and as i look at the back of my hand i ponder why within the sky travels down into my eyes

and it is very beautiful