poem for starlight


in the night sky i can trace my finger and find the shapes that make a map

the stars feel bumpy to the touch but smooth and warm

i can tell they are bright

when i look at them i see purple and blue and i could dive right into the deepness of them

i would float on sky and sail down until it took me to a place that glimmers and that you could hold in your hand like something special

if they changed colors i would just say “hey look at that” and admire the wonder that they inspire

the map of the sky knows how to be called and can point out directions and ways to go

it can take you to places you’d like to see – sparkling starlight that changes as you walk and sleep and cry and eat and love

canopy of light above me like fingers making a crown on my head 

and as i look at the back of my hand i ponder why within the sky travels down into my eyes

and it is very beautiful

Your thoughts?

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