nightime flowers

She twirled the little flower by pressing her fingers together. She brought it to her nose inhaling the scent. She laid back and stretched the flower above her then let it fall into her hair. 

She did this until her hair was decorated with little flowers. She looked at the sky and thought how it too looked like a great stretch of hair covered with miniature bright shining little flowers. Was it like looking in a mirror? Only it would be as if she could see behind her.

She stretched her arms beyond her head and yawned. Then shutting her eyes, she thought of vibrant pink clouds.

She thought of the face she saw in her dreams. And the voice she heard as hands caught her own and bent her close to whisper a message.

She knew it was something important. 

Remember this…

She shook her head — of course that was all she could remember. And yet… the long white and grey hair, the crinkled eyes looking into her and seeing within. She felt under immense scrutiny from this being, but she didn’t know who it was. The face was vivid, but someone she had never met.

At least not that she was aware of.

The girl knew if she closed her eyes and concentrated on the face, she get at least one more hint before she fell into a deep sleep. At the point right before letting go completely. While the flower was still within her grasp. Right before it dropped from her hand onto the dewy grass. 

Then, there was only breath. Lying on the forest floor. Insects chirping. Nightime birds giving their calls softly.

Your thoughts?

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