half moon bay

the ground almost ate my shoes today

i thought i would slip off into the dark viscous goo that threatened to mutilate my new shoes

it was a poor choice in hindsight 

but shoes will collect dust

and become worn at some point

i saw the most amazing sunset

with clouds long and thin

purple lavender pink edges

a density that seemed so thick

and yet closer to us 

just the whispers of mist drifting across beach grasses

fluttering in the wind

at one point i looked into a car and saw a face who wasn’t there when i looked more closely 

it’s quieter here

i’ve always liked that

i’ve always liked how the main attraction is the sky

starlight not hidden by the glow of convenience stores and traffic

and i can hear the sound of waves

of wind

i can hear words

and the glow of lamps within windows against the night sky

more beautiful than any kind of orchestrated artistry i could imagine

it’s very soft here

winds of change

swirls the hair into the air

it moves and whips up into an invisible tornado

keep moving

can’t dodge it

can’t face it head on without been blown away

couldn’t even reach out

suddenly burst into fits of laughter 

at being pushed by this


changing direction

keep going and you take a different path

you keep swirling into 


something that lifts up

take off and take away

towards the sky

hair standing on end 

but then falls to your shoulders 

once you find shelter 

wind chimes

wind chimes on its own

sound rings across the town

over bridges 

melody through the air

wind accompanies me

and everywhere i go

i see leaves rustling

something else is there

following me 

like an accompanying song

a song for the trees that wave in the wind

The girl was in a tree. She looked out to the world. A small bird landed on a branch nearby and whistled brightly, singing a song. She watched the bird and they both held onto the branch as the wind moved the tree back and forth. The bird seemed to gaze back at her. For a moment, they were silent. And then the bird sang again. This time louder. Then, fluttered away.

She moved with the tree and with the wind for a while. Hand on the rough bark. Leaves waving.

She watched the forest of endless trees – like an ocean of green. The little pockets of movement. Little leaves waving to one another.

When she closed her eyes to the wind, the scent of earth and newness was in the air. It was sweet and smelled like dewy mornings when you might run your finger down a leaf speckled with droplets of water until at the edge of this leaf water had collected and… 


off onto the soft dirt below.

She hugged her knees closer as the wind blew cold on her skin. And as she began to feel warmer again, she started to hum to herself a little song of her own creation. A song that started faint with the dim light of an overcast sky. Then grew as she heard something she hadn’t heard before. When she stopped all she heard

beneath the rustling of the leaves

the whistles of the birds 

and calls of the other animals 

and insects

beneath the wind rushing through the dense forest

was a low hum from everywhere and everything

it grew for a moment before disappating into the soft sounds of the forest.

She stayed up in the tree for very long before it was time to climb down. Half in a daze, she found a place to lie down. And the last thing she remembered until being catapulted to the dream land was the twinkling stars above her and the call of a distant bird.

the winds that move

overcast day 

and the wind moves through grass

like a soft flute that sounds

the blend of shadows parade

across the sky

waves that move matching clouds

they mirror each other

grey and silver mixed with vibrant blue

pierces and yet soothes the eyes

watching the dance 

the interplay

from far away

the forest dreams as she waits

Stars twinkling overhead. Wind was a little colder today than the day before. She sat outside the house, waiting, watching for the light to go out in the window. For someone to come in through the door.

Eyes becoming heavy. Head, dizzy just a bit before her head drooped down. Comfortable and warm, despite the whirling wind. She nodded off.

In her dream, she imagined far off voices. She heard laughter. Everything was blurry around the edges. Hands outstretched to her, swinging her around in circles. 

As she slept, the cooing of the guardian bird. The whistling of the drifting wind. The rustling of leaves.

And underneath it all, a set of footsteps, if you were to listen closely. Approaching closer and then, standing over her as she slept. A blanket placed around her shoulders.

Someone had been keeping their eye on her. 

From her sleep, she exhaled a breath of relief and turned her face to the softness of the blanket.