the forest dreams as she waits


Stars twinkling overhead. Wind was a little colder today than the day before. She sat outside the house, waiting, watching for the light to go out in the window. For someone to come in through the door.

Eyes becoming heavy. Head, dizzy just a bit before her head drooped down. Comfortable and warm, despite the whirling wind. She nodded off.

In her dream, she imagined far off voices. She heard laughter. Everything was blurry around the edges. Hands outstretched to her, swinging her around in circles. 

As she slept, the cooing of the guardian bird. The whistling of the drifting wind. The rustling of leaves.

And underneath it all, a set of footsteps, if you were to listen closely. Approaching closer and then, standing over her as she slept. A blanket placed around her shoulders.

Someone had been keeping their eye on her. 

From her sleep, she exhaled a breath of relief and turned her face to the softness of the blanket.


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