I’m starting to Build a Practice!!!


This is hard. Today, I failed yet again! NOOOOO! Well, maybe not completely, but I woke up early then fell asleep and then had 20 minutes before I had to leave. No time to do my 7 i chin ching postures…

So, on the way to work I practiced hou tien chi breathing. I was successful in that. I will say.

Also, because I was late I have no clothes to change into to practice. I feel a little awkward about rockin’ my gi out in the Food Bank parking lot. If I ever get the nerve to do this, I’ll take a picture and post it.

Now then… what was I going to practice at lunch? Let’s see what the good ole schedule says…lower belt forms!!! Ok, get ready Food Bank volunteers, I’m about to get all Shaolin in the parking lot…

Practicing in the Park
Weapons are fun.

Your thoughts?

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