I’m Still Going

Guys, you totally thought that this was going nowhere, but I got you! I have been practicing! Let me update you since my last post:

Friday: it was looking grim, but then a wonderful thing happened! I had to wait! Waiting is the perfect time to go through material. While waiting for my mom to get off work, I went through the Yang Tai Chi form. Then, later, for my co-workers, I went through the 24 posture combined Tai Chi form.

Saturday: Long day of training in class in the morning. Then, went down to Brendan Lai’s Martial Art Supply Store for a straight sword in preparation for the Skewer the Sun Sword festival on April 7th. It’s a beaut! But later on I still managed to go over the new brown belt form I learned. From memory! Even though I wrote up notes, I didn’t need them!

I'm kind of a bad ass...
Yeah, that’s right, I own a sword.

Sunday: Admittedly, kind of a slow day, but I still managed to practice the new form.

Monday: Started the day with six i chin ching postures from memory. Stopped at six rather than 7 because I forgot the 7th.

Later on, this evening practiced my new form in my folks’ backyard in the dark. Then, went through the tiger form too. Tried to practice hou tien chi while driving (that didn’t work out so well).

So far, so good!

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  1. nerdlette says:

    i just wanted to comment that i am so honored you kept the name dynamics of groove for your blog. so many fond KCSB memories! xoxo DJ lizzy liz


    1. bjwany says:

      Awh! Thanks, Lizzy Liz! You know it! Our show just started me on the path!


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