Theater Around The Bay: A Community Conversation


This is an update I wrote for SF Theater Pub regarding the recent announcement that Intersection for the Arts would be paring back its programming. I attended the Community Conversation on Tuesday, July 15th to get a sense of how the organization got to that point and what was next. This post discusses the biggest issue brought up during the breakaway sessions. I attended the group on “Performing Arts” where they main topic of conversation was employing a dedicated space vs. nomadic programming.

San Francisco Theater Pub

Barbara Jwanouskos steps outside of her usual role at the Pub to talk about the recent developments at Intersection for the Arts.

Last Tuesday, July 15th, I attended the Community Conversation about the future of Intersection for the Arts. I’m sure you all have heard the recent news that Intersection has had to substantially cut back on its programming. Initially, longtime program staff, Kevin Chen, Rebeka Rodriguez and Sean San Jose had been laid off, but then changed to furloughed positions.

For a little background before I get into it, Intersection for the Arts holds a special place in my heart because it was the organization that I first got involved with once I had graduated from UCSB about ten years ago. I didn’t know which direction to go in or how one even pursued arts, much less made a career out of it. I worked as an intern…

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