The Real World, Theater Edition: An Interview with Eric Reid


First interview of my series, “The Real World, Theater Edition” on San Francisco Theater Pub’s blog. Here, I talk to Eric Reid, Executive Director of Theater Madcap, about a new play series for writers exploring diversity called, “Staged!” Check this out for more information.

San Francisco Theater Pub

Barbara Jwanouskos interviews the man behind a new company and a new opportunity for local writers to get work seen and heard.

In a new feature on this column, I’m setting out to interview theater professionals in the Bay Area to learn more about how they involve themselves in the scene. Eric Reid, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Theater Madcap, was the first of these interviews. We chatted at the Mission Public about his new playwriting series, Staged!, (the lack of) diversity in theater – and the opportunities and challenges that presents, and upcoming projects at Theater Madcap.

Eric Reid, Executive Director of Theater Madcap Eric Reid, Executive Director of Theater Madcap

BJ: Tell me about Staged! and how it got started.

ER:Staged! is a ten-week staged reading series designed to develop new work that explores diversity. It happens every Tuesday at Inner Mission. It started because as an actor and a person of…

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