i, the bear

i was a bear once

i walked the earth sniffing

and wandered into this place made of wood where people gathered

of course no one understood that i was actually a young woman who became a bear

could enhabit the bear

no one but like two people

i came there to scare those people in the wooden room

and it worked

they wanted to kill me

but i growled a deep low growl

and i showed my teeth

and i was ready to kill them too

tear them apart for wanting to hurt me and the ones i love

see i was only there because they threatened someone i knew

someone i loved

and i just wanted them to see that you can’t do that without consquences

i didn’t care in that moment whether i would die

i’d die and turn back to a woman and they’d feel oh so bad

yeah right

because when hate lives in your heart where can it go?

i, the bear, growled and the people all shuddered

one didn’t because he knew i wasn’t a bear

and he told the people i was a woman

and then they looked again and they saw that i was a woman wearing the skin of a bear

i smiled at the recognition

didn’t think anyone would get it

but someone did

so i sat with them for a while and i listened to what they had to say

i’m still listening

i’m still the bear

i still change forms

i’m changing forms right now

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  1. daringheart1 says:

    ❤ well written!


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