Transfixed with the light while sitting on the staircase


peacefully drooping my eyes down until they close and all i feel is sun

feeling the need to stretch deeply

then i do nothing

i stare off into space for a while

i close my eyes and i can feel the world humming

seems like only i can hear this distant music

because they look at me strangely 

i pretend i’m not doing anything 

i pretend that it’s not interesting


“nothing to see here, folks”

i’m not a magician

i can’t make flowers appear into my hands from nowhere

but i don’t mind resting either

and watching birds land close by my side like i’m a statue

i try not to hold my breath 

i try not to scare anyone or anything off

when i look up

when i look at them 

i’m afraid they’ll jump

so i quietly breathe and try to relax

until they decide to go another place

Your thoughts?

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